Friday, April 03, 2009


Another week has gone by and I don't know where the days went. Time is going so fast. We had company last weekend, a friend who came out to do a show here. He arrived on Friday to make sure everything was set up for the show on Saturday night. Saturday afternoon I had friends invited for food and wine. I made Bruchetta, Pakoras (veggie fritters), and I filled won ton wrappers with cheddar, minced onion and jalapeno peppers, deep fried them and served with plum sauce. I also made a large vegetable salad. I have to say that the food went so quickly that my head was spinning, lol. I guess you'd call it a success! Sunday we were invited to a friends house for brunch which was very nice indeed. Our friend went back to the city Sunday afternoon.

Monday we went to Gander as I had an appointment to get a bone density test. Not that anything has made me think I have a problem but my doctor likes to get these tests done to keep on top of things. A good thing I suppose. We left early so we could get the grocery shopping done and head for home after the hospital. It was an uneventful day all told.

As I said the week has just flown by, I have just about all my spring cleaning done and am chomping at the bit to get out in the garden. Still a good bit of snow on the property but it is going more and more each day. I took the doors off the greenhouse yesterday because the winter winds had blown all the plastic out. Today, it the sun shines I'll re-do those and put them back up.

The redpolls are still coming back and forth each day. Two squirrels around now. I wonder if it's a male and female, it is spring after all and love is in the air, supposidly.

Malachi looking cute.

Spooky cat, Freya.


Andrew at Quicksilverbirds said...

One Scary Cat oldcrow...good to have you back after the week. hope the tests were okay and you can get back to sitting in the garden watching himself do all the work :-)

Tricia said...

Time goes past scarily fast these days as far as I'm concerned!

Lovely to have the redpolls still around; be exciting if your squirrels are a pair and some youngsters come along - what a photo opportunity. :D

Malachi is definitely doing the "I'm a cutie" bit Lol

Cicero Sings said...

Too fast the weeks fly by! And being in those in between months ... there is nothing much to report! Things are slow our side anyway.

Pakoras ... I've eaten them but never made them! Sounds like a nummy repast.