Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Sunny, Warm, Wonderful Weekend!

Usually the general topic of conversation here is the weather. I kept asking myself "Is this really Newfoundland in April?" Well, we experienced summer like conditions this weekend. It was fabulous. Parents arrived on Friday and we spent just about all afternoon sitting outside. The same for Saturday.

It's been quite the weekend one way or another. As the parents were heading for the door to leave for home early this morning and me coming behind them I all of a sudden scream "Stop, nobody move." "What's wrong, what's wrong," they said. I could see out the window in the door and there was an American Goldfinch on one of the feeders. So, I'm yelling while running for the camera, "Don't anyone dare to open the door, don't want to scare him away." I'm beginning to think that maybe I'm cracking up, lol. Well, it is the first one I've seen this year. very first flutters of the season. So exciting.

Even the house flies were about.

And, I found two more Crocus. Can't figure where they came from.

Another Magpie Moth

Chick a Dee



Nan and =^..^= said...

Great photos! I have returned home and yesterday was thrilled to take photos of the goldfinch which I hope to draw soon!
I had to laugh for I loved your description of telling everyone not to move! I'm the same way about opening doors when I see the birds or critters outside the window ...even on returning home I will tell D to freeze on the path so I can take some photos! Enjoy the spring or summerlike weather that seems to be with us this weekend!

Ali said...

That goldfinch was so worth scaring the parents for!

Ali @ Moon Garden

Tricia said...

Lots of evidence that Spring has finally arrived in your part of the world OC. Flutters - great stuff!

The goldfinch is an amazing colour and I'm glad you've got such obedient parents so you could get a picture!

Jan said...

Very nice, glad you have some decent weather at last Your goldfinch is a cross between our chaffinch and a siskin in the markings/colour

Cicero Sings said...

LOL! We're all the same where photo ops are concerned! Great pictures of spring from your end of things. We are into cooler temps at the moment though we had one day where the temperature climbed to 20 about a week ago now.

Pete said...

lol, priorities!! nice flutter

Janine said...

Pretty goldfinch. Did not see any down here this winter, which is unusual. Also enjoyed the walk through the woods. You live in such a beautiful place.