Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I had plans to bring the garden ornaments out and place them around this morning but it's snowing again. Fortunately it's not staying for long on the ground. They called for sun today and maybe later this will happen. I saw the first Robin of the season this morning. I heard an unfamiliar bird singing and on looking up it was high up in one of the trees.

I washed a lot of clothes, sheets etc. yesterday and although it was snowing, I hung them on the line saying to himself that we were getting sun tomorrow so it wouldn't matter if they were out on the line over night. This morning they are frozen solid and it's snowing again, lol. I'm living in hope here that the sun will shine.

We went down to the beach yesterday as I wanted to get bags of seaweed for the garden. Just as we got out of the car I saw two dogs headed for us at a run, barking, and the owners not far behind. They were cocker spaniels. One mostly black and quite large and the other a golden one. I said hello to them, let them smell my hand and must say they were sweet dogs. By then the owners had caught up and we started chatting. The woman is British and the man Irish. We must have talked for half an hour at least and had a few laughs. So, then we gathered up a half a dozen bags of seaweed and came on home.

Monday I had to go to the hardware store and buy some screen for the screen door and one of the bedroom windows, also some 1 inch nails to put new plastic on the greenhouse doors. Himself wanted to pop into the Goodwill so we headed there. I bought this sweet heart shaped box for just 25 cents.

Well, snow or no snow I spent a good part of the morning working outside. Took all the garden ornaments out of the larger greenhouse then mixed seaweed, leaves, compost, hen manure into the soil already in the greenhouse. Then gave it a good watering. Hauled out a large patio table that was shoved under the deck for a few years and hosed that down. I have to get some paint for it as it's quite stained. After lunch I figured I'd go out and do a few more things, tried to but it's damn cold. Came back inside and am calling it a day.


Tricia said...

My goodness OC - that's a very busy day you've had!! A Robin - what a great way to herald the onset of Spring (if only the snow would go!)

Hilary said...

That box looks like one mom used to have...not sure if she still has it or not. Spring is springing around here too...robins everywhere and i think today is 17 degrees...yay! Cats are enjoying the rays, I want to get into the backyard and do some digging, hopefully build my own green house this summer :)
Love ya!

Cicero Sings said...

Can't hold a good woman down ... weather or no weather! I see the spring gardening bug has gripped you hard.

Pete said...

does it ever NOT snow??

hope you get some spring soon

Nan and =^..^= said...

Oh dear, more snow! At least it doesn't stay around long. There's nothing like frozen laundry to put a smile on ones' face... My husband also collects seaweed at the beach for our garden.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Spring is being as contrary over there as it's being here! Your silver box is a pretty find.

Ali @ A Cosy Life

Janine said...

Gotta love a good bargain.
Hope springtime comes your way soon.