Monday, April 20, 2009

Spring has Sprung.A

The weather has been marvelous this past few days. There's still some patches of snow in among the trees in the woods but the rest is freed up. Laurie has been here since Friday, going home today. Yesterday was almost like a summer day. A friend of Laurie's came for lunch. I made a big pot of split pea soup and must say it was quite good. After lunch Roger put up another platform feeder for me and it didn't take the birds very long to make use of it. We were wandering around the property when I spied a grouse and tried to get a picture but as it was in among the trees it was difficult. Today is suppose to be lovely once again so I expect I'll be working at the gardens and hopefully get a chance to re-do the screen door. It's time it was up now.

The various bulbs I have around are now poking their heads up and my one crocus...I don't know where it came from, is now in bloom.

Pine Grosbeak and if I'm not mistaken, he's with his lady friend.

I do believe that I have another squirrel here. He or she looks somewhat different than the usual one. A bit more raggedy. Unless of course he's been courting and has started looking a bit frazzled.

The Grouse that I couldn't get a good picture of...

Putting up a new feeder. As you can see if you look to the left, there is still a wee bit of snow here and there. No leaves on the trees yet so everything looks terribly bare.

And, so I'm off to start my day.


Ali said...

So pleased to see Winter has finally got the hint! Its turned really nice here too. England is supposedly on the same latitude as The Rock, so perhaps we can hog the fine weather between us eh!

Ali @ A Cosy Life

flydragon said...

Ha, looks like your new little friend forgot to brush his hair when he crawled out of bed this morning:) Hmmm..looks a lot like me.
Glad spring is finally headed your way!

Tricia said...

It lifts the spirits to have some sunshine and feel its warmth.

As Ali says, we've had glorious sunshine here too - makes such a difference.

See you've been keeping Himself well occupied!

A wonder if your Pine Grosbeaks are going to be a breeding pair - that would be good :D

Cicero Sings said...

Looks pretty much like around here ... mostly bare, the odd patch of snow and no leaves. All quite brown yet, well, the odd bit of green grass showing here and there.

It was VERY mild here today, especially when the sun shone but all is clouded over again.

Gallicissa said...

Good news! Look forward to seeing your dragonflies now.

Pete said...

nice to see you have him working :D

richard said...

Allow Your blog to be followed,please.

oldcrow61 said...

Ali, we may be on the same latitude but the weather is much different here as you know. Wish it were like England.
Flydragon, lol, yes his hair is a bit of a mess.
Tricia and Pete, yes, have to keep the old fellow on his toes, lol
Cicero, where you are sounds a lot like here.
Amila, I just can't wait to see dragonflies once again. I must put some sticks over by the stream as you suggested.
Richard, hmmm, I'm not sure I know what you mean. Can you explain, I'm not all that computer savy. Email if you like.