Sunday, April 12, 2009

I'm Back.

Myself and a friend set off for St. John's about 8:00 am Monday morning. It was thick with fog for the first two hours and I was a wreck. A wreck only because I couldn't see the sides of the road and the danger of a moose coming on to the highway was very real. As you can see from the first picture, if you look closely at the bottom, you can barely see the lines in the middle of the highway.

The third hour was fine, everything clear. I spent the first night with my parents and brother. My brother is such a wit, the whole time I was laughing so hard that I had a belly ache. It was a great evening. The next day I went to Lauries for two days. I'm afraid there are few pictures as it was raining most of the week and she has sold her car so we didn't get around too much. We did get downtown by bus to the Hemp Shop where I bought some of my favorite incense, then walked for ages going into shops that perked our interest. We stopped for lunch at a fine vegetarian restaurant then got a bus back to Lauries. My legs are still aching from all the walking. It did clear up after supper that evening and we decided to go for another walk. A few pictures.

Cabot Tower in the distance.

I really liked the colours of this house, very Gothic I thought and was considering painting my house these colours but am having second thoughts as my place is just a small one storey and I don't thing it will work.

The central Fire Station. Just down the street from Lauries.

And for you cat lovers, three of Lauries four cats. Willow wasn't co-operative so no picture of her.



Skipper, the little one eyed cat.

I arrived home on Friday and the first thing I saw was Iris's poking up through the ground. What joy....a lot of the snow had gone but still patches around. Yesterday was a glorious day, sunny and warm. I figured I'd do some weeding so got the shovel, my kneeling pad, garden gloves, etc. and went out to get started. I didn't realize it but there is still frost in the ground and couldn't get the shovel through. I spent most of the day cutting back plants and cleaning up some. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw two butterflies. I don't know what they could possibly live on as there is nothing in bloom and won't be for some time yet. My body is aching from head to toe this morning. We are suppose to have some snow flurries today, changing to rain so at least I won't be tempted to go in the garden again today.

Lots of bird song these days. Must be spring, lol. The Boreal Chick a Dee is still here, also the Pine Grosbeak with his lady.


Nan and =^..^= said...

Welcome home! Sounds like you had a good family visit. I'm doing the same thing but will be away longer, one more week in Connecticut.

I can see why you were so nervous with that fog...I love to catch a glimpse of other towns. Laurie's cats are beautiful. Back home in Maine, my husband tells me the yard is full of crocuses and bees!
Good luck with your gardening...

Tricia said...

Welcome back OC

Bit scary indeed driving in that fog! Sounds like you had some great family time, and how lovely to be greeted with Iris's on your return.

Think a long hot soak may be in order now Lol.

Ali said...

Welcome back!

Ali @ A Cosy Life

Carin said...

Was about time you've come back! LOL LOL Sounds like you had a wonderful time!

Cicero Sings said...

Yes, welcome back!

Ugh ... fog. Not nice to travel in ... glad you made it safely. A change of scene is always good if only to make home look even better.

Toffeeapple said...

Good to have you back. It looks like a charming town and those cats are beautiful. I'm glad that you enjoyed your family time.

Pete said...

welcome back OC!

Janine said...

Glad you had a fun trip!

Hilary said...

Sounds like one hell of a trip! The cat pics are so cute!! I cant wait to see you this summer! :) Hopefully the butterflies arent coming out to early...the baby birds still need something to eat! lol...i suppose there are grubs and stuff :)
Love you!