Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Back Home Again.

I arrived back home by lunchtime on Sunday and am finally getting back to normal. Lots of leaves have fallen since leaving and it looks very much like autumn now. There was snow along the road on parts of the highway but fortunately none here. I enjoyed my stay at Laurie's and have been missing her cats. They were great companions. I didn't get out to do much while there as I was in too much pain with the hip but it's all better now thankfully. It's a funny thing that, it comes and goes but not too often. It's muscular so says the doctor.

We had only two days of sun during the two weeks and near the end of my stay my father and I went to Bowring Park to take a few pictures. While it was sunny, it was bitterly cold and we hadn't gotten far beyond the entrance of the park when we had to give it all up and return to the car. Along with the chill, it was very windy, I was frozen and my father was shivering.

On to this morning....I noticed that Freya had her head bent to one side and she was staggering when trying to walk. I phoned the vet as I knew it was an ear infection exactly like the one she had months ago. I got an appointment right away so we took off for Gander. She is now on three types of medication so hopefully she will be feeling better soon.

So, on to some of the pictures that I took in the park. I have lots of pictures of the ducks but will save those until tomorrow.

First off, I saw this bush there. It had clusters of black berries about the size of chick peas. I wonder if any of you know what it is as I picked some of the berries in the hope of growing one from the seed.

The berries....

My father.

Taking pictures of some ducks in the duck pond.

Duck Pond.

Signs of Autumn.

The River.



Pete said...

nice to have you back

Nan and =^..^= said...

Happy to see you're back and feeling better! Lovely photos of your Dad at the park!

Dixxe's Doodles said...

Traveling is wonderful but its always good to get home. Glad you are feeling better and sorry that Freya is not well. The photos of the water are super!

Tricia said...

Good to have you back and posting again OC :D Great selection of pictures in the park