Saturday, October 24, 2009

Shades of Autumn

A brush of snow overnight put me in panic mode. I was out early bringing garden ornaments to the larger greenhouse for the winter. I didn't get it all done, there are still clay pots to be put away and half a dozen or so ornaments left out. I'm hoping for a few sunny days this coming week to finish up. It's been wet and dreary. Makes one want to curl up by the wood stove with a good book.

Freya is doing well but not out of the woods yet. Still a little wobbly but certainly a lot better than at the start.

Not many birds around these days but the ones that are, are making good use of the suet blocks. It's been very cold at night and guess they are filling up on the fatty foods to keep warm. A couple of Jays, Chick a dees and Woodpeckers, that's the lot this past while.

I've decorated a bit for autumn and Hallowe'en. Took a few pictures of some of the leaves as well. Other than that, not much doing on at the moment.

The ground is pretty well covered with leaves.

By the stream.

Now a bit of fun stuff.

Gate on deck.


And last....I got a lovely brass bowl at the Goodwill.


Janine said...

Love your deck sign. Think I need one of those!

Tricia said...

Good grief - snow already!!

Your gate sign had me really laughing and your kitchen birds too...LOL Fantastic OC!!!

oldcrow61 said...

Janine, hope you manage to find one.
Tricia, lol, a little bit of madness runs through me now and then.

Dixxe's Doodles said...

Your decorations look wonderful!! I could use one of those signs for my place! Snow already--wow--we have leaf color happening now and thats a def sign of the seasons!
relaxing by the wood stove sounds like a great way to spend a dreary day!!

avalon said...

Still laughing at your sign, wonderfull. Your kitchen looks amazing too!! Would love to be in your house at halloween, you must have great fun. Well i will be trick or treating with the grandchildren this year and i can't wait LOL
Hope the snow does not come early for you over there.

Ali said...

"Insane Asylum"....I could find a place for that over here! ;) Your photos are gorgeous, as always.


Pete said...

the gate sign is ssssoooo oc

Jan said...

Snow OMG! It's still like summer here, apart from the golden leaves. Spooooky Gate shriek!

Roses and Lilacs said...

Your gate sign made me smile;) Your decorations look great. All this depressing rainy weather put a damper on my decorating.

ShySongbird said...

Great Halloween decorations, your kitchen looks so festive, we don't do much of that over here. Snow! Oh goodness! I don't fancy that at all.