Friday, October 30, 2009

My Pumpkin's Rotting!

I have people coming for dinner tomorrow night, looking forward to baked stuffed pumpkin and MY PUMPKIN'S ROTTING!!!!!!! Frantic calls went out to the stores around and they're all sold out. I guess this is where ingenuity has to take over.

The car's engine is about ready to drop out so we can't drive it anymore. However, we are buying another but we're waiting to get it to a garage for an inspection certificate. The problem is that we don't know when we can get an appointment for this as the garages are overloaded with people getting their snow tires on. Why.........

Because it snowed all day a few days ago and everyone is in panic mode. Mind you it melted as soon as it hit the ground but never the less, it's a sign of what's right around the corner.

Then, on Tuesday, I decided to put a colour in my hair to give me a lift. A light ash blonde. The picture on the cover looked to be the same colour as my hair so I put it in. It turned out almost black....sob...

On the up side, it looks like we will finally get a bit of sun today. Himself and I are so excited that we've been talking about all the things we can do outside. All work!



Bimbimbie said...

That's a pretty if cold looking sunrise. Are you sure you haven't got tricksters messing with your pumpkin and hair colour*!*

Roses and Lilacs said...

I know how you feel having had sever hair color disasters myself:)

They don't allow snow tires here. We are at the mercy of the weather.

oldcrow61 said...

Bimbimbie, there must be a trickster around here somewhere, lol.
Marnie, I don't understand that you aren't allowed to put on snow tires. We can't use studded tires in the summer months, maybe those are the ones you're talking about. Ours are snow tires, no studs, much better and safer than the studded tires.

Anonymous said...

My pumpkin is barely a week old and its looking ratty already too. Glad tomorrow is Halloween.

I can't think what went wrong with your hair. Perhaps the wrong bottle in the box?

Have a great weekend!


J said...

Rotten pumpkins are a problem around here too. We've had alot of rain and that seems to be our problem. I have to use my clay Jack-O-Lantern.
BabySis and some others decided to give me highlites for my birthday gift back in the summer. They turned out reddish orange :0(
When I went to try and fix it, the color I picked was the shade of my original hair. I was to leave it on for 25-30 mins. but I checked a strand 15 mins. later. DANG! If I had followed the haircolor instructions mine would have been black too. That stuff scares the willies out of me!
Hope things get better for you.
Enjoy your get together no matter what may happen. You deserve a fun time after these setbacks.

Dixxe's Doodles said...

Sorry to hear your pumpkin died--that really bums one out on Halloween! We have done nothing to celebrate since there are no young one in our family any more--but I used to dress up and go trick or treatin with my son--
Here we very rarely get snow and if we do everyone stays home so no snow tires sis in CO has to use the studded kind...and a 4 wheel drive to get around. Enjoy your dinner party!!

Tricia said...

Sorry to hear your Pumpkin and bad hair both let you down but hopefully that stunning sunrise and the expected sunshine helped a bit :)