Saturday, October 31, 2009


Before Halloween was associated with Christianity—the eve of All Hallows', or All Saint’s Day—the ancient Celts celebrated the eve of Samhain, the death night of the old year. Druids (priests) lit huge bonfires, while people dressed as demons and witches paraded noisily through the streets to frighten off the roving souls believed to be seeking new homes for the new year.

Tonight is a night for remembering those friends and relatives who have passed on. Among other things we will bury apples for the souls going through this night and set a place at the table in honor of our loved ones who have passed.

Every year at this time we put out bread and milk for the fairies so they will treat us well during the coming year.

Tonight is a night not only of remembering but of fun, good friends, good food and wine.


Anna said...

That's really nice. It's good to take time to remember those who aren't with us anymore.

Mel said...

This was a lovely, simple and authentic description of what it's all about...thank you!

Wishing you a blessed Samhain..

Weeping Sore said...

There's something in the air tonight that enters my brain and makes me want to perform some ritual to punctuate the turning of the wheel of life.

For me, tonight is a night of seeing time as a circle instead of an arrow. Spooky and renewing, and perfect accompaniment to remembering friends. Happy Halloween!

Tricia said...

OC - that's so lovely and what a wonderful way to remember loved ones.

Thank you, too, for the explanation which is probably the best I've read.

J said...

These are such beautiful Rituals.
I hope your dinner party went well.
May there be many Blessings headed your way.

avalon said...

Thankyou also from me! It made me think of my mum in a happy way x What a wonderful description.