Sunday, December 12, 2010

First time bird in garden

I happened to look out the window and saw what looked like a strange bird over on one of the further feeders. First I thought my eyes were deceiving me but I got the camera anyway. I guess it saw me move in the window and it flew up into a tall spruce tree. I noticed yellow under it's wings as it flew. I couldn't see it so after waiting for a while, I gave up but kept the camera at hand. Not long after, on looking outside, the bird came out of nowhere and once again flew up into a tree. Well, although it was in a terrible position to get a shot and was shaded as well, I went ahead and took these pictures. I'm afraid the pictures are pretty bad but at least I've been able to identify it as a Northern Flicker. You can just make out a red spot on the back of his head so it's a male. Hopefully he'll hang around as I'd like to get some good shots. You can click on pictures to enlarge.


Pete said...

lucky girl!!

Dixxe said...

Great bird! You must have the yellow shafted..we have the yellow shafted here...out west my sis has the red shafted such a cool bird!!