Thursday, December 09, 2010

Wee Bit of Snow Overnight.

The other day my daughter, in St. John's, my granddaughter in Ontario and myself were doing a video chat. My daughter was telling her daughter that when she was growing up, to think of talking to someone and seeing them on a computer at the same time was science fiction. Hilary thought that was pretty funny but it's true. How times have changed. Sometimes I think if the old people could come back, what a shock they'd have. Me...I'm still amazed that I can talk to someone anywhere in the world by a telephone. Speaking of which, I still use this .

I do have a modern phone but if we lose the electricity due to a storm, etc., then this is the only type of phone that works. Tried and true, it never fails. It goes back to the saying that they don't make things like they use to.

On to the weather.....although we've had a brush of snow overnight, it's been like spring here. The seed heads are still on the hemp which is amazing.

The chickens are still enjoying their days of going around the property looking for bugs and grubs. Making mad dashes to the ground under some of the bird feeders when they see seed dropped by jays, etc.

The little squirrel is filling up on suet.

On looking out this morning.....

Outside...Finally got a few shots of the chick a dees. They are fast movers so it's difficult at time.

This was taken into the sun so it's not the best but I like the bit of snow on the trunk.

A few Grosbeaks waiting their turn at the feeders.

Little Freya says that inside is the best place to be today.


Dixxe said...

Im sure you are enjoying not having the snow around-the bird shots are great and the chickens too! I had an old phone like that used in my business for over 26 yrs and I sold it when I had a yard sale, regret that now as I got only $6 for it!! Still worked great too!!

Pete said...

call that snow? LOLOLOL

The Wessex Reiver said...

I've missed those photos of the cats looking out of the window - I remember about 2 years ago you did a wonderful one of frost on the window and the cats looking bemused. Thankfully the snow has begun to melt here, we can get back to normal for a while.

oldcrow61 said...

Pete, you're a riot. That comment had me laughing out loud.

Dixie, those phones are great, they go on forever.

Andrew, We've been hearing of all the snow you guys have had. Our winter has hardly started yet.

Cicero Sings said...

I too, remember those old phones and they were "solid". These new ones ... ugh!

I've just returned from a trip to the coast and our snow is now quite solid (with melting). Perhaps we'll get some more in the days ahead!!! It was VERY wet at the coast when I left but I did manage to catch some sun whilst down there.

Chickens are great!

Tricia said...

Now your phone really does bring back memories... and yes, the tried and trusted keep us well supplied :d

Great pictures and Little Mischief comes up trumps yet again. And I just love your "cosy cat"

Tricia said...


Ali said...

My goodness, I haven't seen a rotary dial phone in I on't know how long. Curious that it works when a modern one doesn't.

I love that photo of your cat looking out the window.