Sunday, December 12, 2010

Lost Man

Himself took off for Spain on Friday, due to arrive in Malaga Saturday afternoon at around 1:00 pm via Paris. About an hour after arrival time the phone rings. It's his daughter....."Have you heard from dad. I'm at the airport, his plane has landed but he's not on it." omg! he's LOST!

Well, what to do! The airline wouldn't give any passenger list to her, there was another plane due from Paris two hours later. His daughter had requested a wheel chair for him at the Paris airport so he could be shuttled through quickly so we didn't know what had happened. We both thought it strange that he didn't phone one of us to say where he was. So, we said if either of us heard from him to let the other one know.

Two hours past by and I was on pins and needles. All kinds of horrible thoughts going through my head. Finally, the phone rings. It's himself.....he's arrived in Malaga, the flight from Toronto was an hour late arriving in Paris, consequently he missed his connection. "Why didn't you phone one of us, don't you know how worried we were." Says he.."I couldn't figure out how to use the French pay phones."

Looking out the window.


Cicero Sings said...

I had to chuckle but oh my, what a worry for those couple hours!

Dixxe said...

Oh my you will have to smack him when you see Glad he is A-okay!
Last trip my son went on and didnt get in touch I sent him a text message and it read "call me or Im calling 911"--he called!

oldcrow61 said...

Cicero, yes it was a worry. A case of lost and found, lol.

Dixxe, LOL, I think a good smack would have been in order.

Ali said...

"I couldn't figure out how to use the French pay phones."........LOL!

Glad he's arrived safely regardless.