Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Rain, Drizzle and Fog.

We haven't seen the sun in a long time. Lots of rain and wind. Mild temperatures for this time of year. I'm not complaining, I'd rather have this than snow.

Laurie arrived on Thursday. So good to see her. Himself phoned from Marrakesh on Xmas Eve wanting me to hear the noises from the main square. He sounded pretty good after his bout with flu and bronchitis. Colds and flu are running rampant around here.

Had a couple of friends in on Xmas Eve. It was very enjoyable. Had a few drinks and snacks, lots of conversation. Xmas morning Laurie got up and said she had a bad sore throat and felt a cold or flu coming on. Bummer!! We both decided that it was best if she left for home as she could be worse the next day and she had a three hour drive to get back to the city. I am now waiting for it to hit me. So, the most I've been doing aside from the regular chores is read and watch a little tv, although there's not much on there.

It's a bit early I'll admit but I'm looking forward to spring. My mind is going off in different directions re: the garden and what I'll want to do there. Time to have a look at the seed catalogs I think. There haven't been a lot of birds at the feeders. I expect because of the mild weather they are getting food elsewhere.

I hope you all have a wonderful New Year.

Frankie on Xmas morning.


semprelibri said...

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Dixxe said...

Cricky....hope you dont get the flu-My mom hates winter she starts asking for spring in October...lol
Fall and Spring are my favorite seasons...when the weather is more suitable to my state of mind. We had some snow now its very cold..(20 F (-6C) but the weather man on TV says a warm up in on the way by weeks end up in the 60's!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear there's still illness around your family. It's been a poor start to the winter. We've had loads of rain and fog in the last 48 hours and it's amazing how much of the snow is gone.

Take care of you.

Pete said...

frankie looks relaxed!!

Cicero Sings said...

Hope you don't get sick O.C. Not fun! Glad to hear himself is back to himself after his tussle with the winter maladies.

Sounds like you had a rather peaceful, pleasant kind of Christmas ... the best kind.

Tricia said...

Your blog title could well be written by me... same here.

That's one relaxed looking cat.. just opened his stocking I expect ;)

Sorry Laurie had to beat a hasty retreat but better to quit while ahead I agree ....

Janine said...

Stay warm and stay well. Its never too early for seed catalogs!