Thursday, May 10, 2007

May 10th.

Overcast this morning. Yesterday was a perfect day, sunny and warm. Afternoon temperature was +22 C. I was on a high. I put new plastic on the small greenhouse. It was windy and I was in a bit of a mess at times, up on the ladder trying to keep the plastic from flying all over the place. I finally finished it then had a pile of Lily bulbs to plant. Then planted more seeds in flats and pots, cleaned the deck off and hosed it down, raked up more debris around the garden, lopped off a pile of tree branches that had broken over the winter and raked leaves up in the woods to add to the compost pile. The day ended with a feeling of contentment.

I'm hoping to re-do part of a fence that had gotten beaten down over the winter within the next couple of days, then I think the worse will be over and done with. Then it's back to weeding. I figure if I do a bed each day I will be able to stay on top of it although the chickens are certainly helping me out with that. A few pictures below, just the regulars. Still trying to get a good picture of the Fox Sparrow.....hasn't happened yet.


Jan said...

Your gain is our loss on the weather front. It's 10c outside and has been raining most of the day, feels damp and miserable. It''s getting dark already over an hour early, and it feels like March not May. :(

Lisa said...

Mmmmmm... Strawberries. Your birds are so spoilt OC!!

nicola said...

I want to be a bird in your garden!!