Wednesday, May 30, 2007

May 30th. Cold and Wet

I'm not much in a mood to blog to be honest. I've a sore throat and all the signs of a cold or flu coming on. We did go to Gander this morning, left about 7:00 am and got back about 11:00 am. I figured I'd better go now and get some groceries before I was too miserable to care about it. Takes an hour to get there, so rushed around and picked up what we needed, didn't look around at anything, just followed my list and then headed home. Just as well we went as I'm feeling pretty miserable now.

Two nights ago, we had a hard frost and I lost about three dozen Impatience. I had them covered with sheets but the frost went right through and knocked them off. I was so disheartened. There is ice in the bay again so no chance of much warmth until that moves off. Seems like it's never going to happen.

I went out with the camera a couple of days ago to try to figure out the Macro and yes, I did have the manual in hand. I tried various settings, running back in the house each time to take the pictures off but all I got were blurry flowers. The best were the two below and I'm not happy with those. I will be going into the city soon and will go to the store where I bought it and get them to show me how it works.

I saw this crow outside with another one yesterday. The other crow was on the feeder picking up seeds and this one was fluttering it's wings like the young ones do when mom is getting food for them. So, I'm thinking this was the others young.

I don't know where I found this or who wrote it but think it's pretty neat:

Life may not be the party we hoped for.....but while we are here, we might as well dance.


Jan said...

Aww poor OC, hope you feel better soon, I guess this miserable weather we are both getting needs to improve and fast, will make us feel a lot more cheerful. Keep warm.

Lisa said...

Poor you Oc, I hope you feel better soon.

Pete said...

big hugs

st said...

Pull your self together woman, what a small cold, that's a man thing.
Sorry to hear about the frosts, are they particularly late?
The best thing to do with the camera is fiddle, i took loads of rubbish with mine at first. All manor of things about the house inside and out. Come to think of it still do!
I like both pics. OH by the way the small bird in the last post is very pretty

oldcrow61 said...

st, I will pull myself together, lol, thanks, I needed that. We usually have the last frost around the middle of June but we don't usually have it as often as we have this May. Yeah, I'll probably fiddle a bit more with the camera.

Karen said...

I like the macro pics, just a little more tweaking with the camera settings and you'll be just right. I have a new camera and will be out experimenting as soon as the memory card arrives and the rain stops! I like that quote, very much.

Karen said...

Meant to say, hope you feel better soon. It may be just a cold but they can still make you feel low.

Anna said...

Hope you feel better very soon OC!