Saturday, May 19, 2007

May 19th. First blooms

Overcast but warm so I'm not complaining. This is a long weekend and the first weekend when the summer people come out to open up their houses. Lots of traffic around and a lot of cars going up the road early this morning with canoes and kayaks strapped to the roof of their cars. Cars pulling boats as well. We went to a couple of yard sales, they have now started as well. Picked up a case for my camera, a tower type thing for CDs as now that I have a CD burner these are piling up. Bought some very nice drinking glasses, a nice throw, a bag of nails (we are always running out), a one cup coffee perk and some other odds and ends. All of it cost very little. A very satisfying and fun morning.

The plants are all coming up like thunder despite the cold weather we have been having. Only a few blooms as yet so took a few pictures and pictures of a couple of the angels in the garden.


st said...

make sure that snail doesn't get your plants

oldcrow61 said...

lol st.