Sunday, May 27, 2007

May 27th, Beautiful Day

Yesterday I was outside when two Grey Jays arrived. I hadn't seen any for so long I figured there weren't any around any more. They came right to me looking for treats so I quickly went inside, got the camera and some bread. I gave Roger the camera and said "Take a picture of them eating out of my hand". Unfortunately, while he is an artist when it comes to taking pictures with a normal camera, he knows nothing about the digital. The birds were taking food from my hand and he was complaining that he couldn't see anything, etc, etc. So, I went and got the camera from him and the batteries had died. Of course by the time I got other batteries in the camera the birds had gone off. However, I managed to get a picture of one on a branch. I'm sure they will return and I will be able to get the picture I want.

Today while having coffee with some friends on the deck, we saw this bird. Don't know what it is so if someone can tell me I'd appreciate it.

Then there were two squirrels.

And this bird. All in all a nice afternoon.


Pete said...

we've agreed on yellow rumped warbler. lovely little chap

oldcrow61 said...

Excellent! Thanks Pete.

Jan said...

Glad that's sorted. The two squirrels have different faces, easy to tell them apart.

oldcrow61 said...

First time really that I could tell two apart. The faces are really quite different.

Janine said...

Hope you get some pics with the jay next time. They are lovely birds.