Tuesday, May 08, 2007

May 7th.

What a day! Sunshine at last, although just before supper a cloud came over and we had hail for a few minutes. I got so much done I was well pleased with myself. I took the plastic off the top half of the hens "greenhouse". It's about 10 ft. by about 7ft. and the height being about 8 ft. I covered it with chicken wire, then took the plastic off the door and covered that as well. I've done this in case we have to go somewhere for an hour or two. They can stay in there and I know they will be relatively safe and won't be too hot. I have to put new plastic over the roof but think I will wait until Roger comes back. There is a bit of a bank on one side and after my fall off the ladder a while back I don't think I should risk it, after all if I did have an accident, who would find me. I could be laying there for days.

I got the wheelbarrow and brought compost down to the large bed in the front. Dug that into certain areas where I wanted to plant Phlox roots that I had in pots. I put those in the ground with sticks around them thinking the chickens wouldn't be able to dig them up. Of course they were with me every minute. Got the plants in and turned my back, when I looked around, one of the plants was flying across the ground.....sigh!

I wired the long planters to the deck railings, planted some seeds, raked some of the ground. I know there was more but can't remember. It was getting close to supper time but thought I'd start taking the slates off the smaller greenhouse to re-do the plastic on that as the winter storms had blown out most of it. I got so much done but gave it up as I was just too tired.

It was just about dusk when I thought I'd get the camera, walk around and see if I could get some pictures. Not much activity at that time I'm afraid. A Nuthatch and the Squirrel washing his face.


Mo said...

That squirrel is definitely a future film star. You've got some great shots of him.

Janine said...

The nuthatch is a cutie!