Tuesday, April 03, 2007

April 3rd.

Yesterday morning I got a phone call from my neighbour, telling me the neighbour on the other side had died of a heart attack. What a shock. I just can't get over it. Not that we were good friends, more passing acquaintances. Sad.....he has a wife and two grown sons. He was only about 67 years old I believe.

I had ordered twelve Phlox roots from a company in PEI, a couple of months ago. They arrived yesterday much to my dismay, considering the fact that I can't get them into the ground yet. I usually receive this type of thing in June. What to do, what to do.....the only thing I could think of was to pot them up and put them outside on warmer days and bring them in overnight. I phoned the company to check it out telling them I'm in Newfoundland and we still have snow on the ground. The woman I was talking to said to go ahead and pot them, they should be fine. Now I have a kitchen table full of pots, I only hope it warms up SOON!

I heard a lot of chattering outside near supper time yesterday and went out to see what was going on. Well, there were two squirrels, one lying prettily in the crook of a tree and the other a few feet away kicking up the biggest fuss. He was yelling at a neighbors cat that was going across the property. Grabbed the camera, of course, lol. I got a few shots, but with my excitement and the sun almost in my eyes, they are not that good. I'm putting them on anyway as I don't very often get a chance to see them this close together.

I figure this is a little girl just sitting there, seemingly quite relaxed with her arms sort of crossed.

This shot has the little fellow, yes, I figure he's a male and the little girl....mind you I could have this wrong, but it makes a nice scenario.


Jan said...

Aw bless! The little cute one that you normally have pics of is a girl then? Or do they both look the same. I'm even more jealous now. My squirrel came once last week, but I never saw him, just know because the feeder was left open, the lid stays up. Hasn't been back since.

oldcrow61 said...

lol Jan, I don't know if it's a girl, just looks like one to me. I guess the cute face does it.

Laurie said...

boys can be pretty too...Now, it is possible that the reclining one is an apathetic male with his ballsy girlfriend or mother defending her territory and protecting her partner/son. I'd like to think it is the female who is doing all the shouting, asserting herself and being the warrior...not being all coy and cute and passive.

oldcrow61 said...

Ha,ha,ha, you could very well be right.

nicola said...

such great squigs, so nice of them to provide you with camera practise