Saturday, April 07, 2007

April 7th.

I've come to the conclusion that having a man around is like having a child in the house. He's outside, at what I don't know. I hear the back door open as I'm going to the kitchen and there he is, full of mud, top to toe, blood running down his face, wrist and hand swollen. I say, "What on earth happened". He says that he was so excited that the sun was shinning that he put boards along the ground, got the wheel barrow, went down to the driveway where we have a load of wood to bring up and stack, filled the wheel barrow and when coming up slipped on the planks he had down, hit his nose on the the edge of the wheel barrow fell over into the mud and hurt his wrist. I had to take his clothes off for him, all of it, as the water and mud had gone right through to his underwear. It doesn't look like his wrist is broken and the nose has stopped bleeding. I expect there will be a bit of bruising though.

Reminds me of the time he was going down the steps off the deck with an open container of large nails and the hammer. Slipped on the steps, nails went flying up in the air and came down right end up, landing in the ground. He ended up with two broken ribs.

Then there was the time he was chopping wood, a piece came up, hit him in the face and he came in the house once again with blood running all over. What am I to do with him, lol.

It's a glorious day here, finally. So....I am going outside and plant seeds in flats. Whoooo Hoooo!


Jan said...

Are you and Roger having a competition to see who can do themselves the most damage?! You two sound as accident prone as I am, lol. Y

oldcrow61 said...

lol Jan.

nicola said...

bless roger, its normally me that comes into the house all broken :(