Friday, April 06, 2007

April 6th.

Cold, wet, drizzle, gloomy......Has been like this for what seems like ages. Now I know how my friend in Wales was feeling a while back. However, she is now basking in sunshine so I suppose there is hope for here. So much muck and mud outside that I can't even clean up, everything is so wet. Frost still in the ground in most places although the Tulips are poking their heads up. Don't know how they are getting through it but I guess Mother Nature knows what she is doing.

I was just looking through some of the pictures of took of parts of the garden last summer so thought I'd put a few on here.


Jan said...

Gorgeous flowers, would love to have your garden, but not at the moment! Hopefully not too long for you now until you can get it looking like that again.

st said...

you have a very nice garden

oldcrow61 said...

Thank you st.