Tuesday, April 17, 2007

April l7th. Cold and wet

Well, today is a miserable day as was yesterday and will be tomorrow. I sat at the computer earlier this morning and Roger had already been on it checking the weather. He had left the page up so I had a look myself at what was coming for the rest of the week. OMG, temps going up to +17C!!! I quickly went to the other weather site to see if they were the same. NO...the other site said +2C for the rest of the week. I said to myself, how can two weather reports for the same area be so out of whack with each other. After thinking about it for some time it hit me. He had the weather report up for Spain. What a let down.

I was outside for a short time yesterday when a helicopter came over head. We don't often see them as you can tell by what happened next. The chickens, on seeing this, came running from all directions as fast as their little legs could go and ran under the deck. Guess they thought it was one almighty predator bird. It was such a funny sight to see.

So, I was outside a short while ago and saw the first Fox Sparrow of the season. I got a few pictures but am not pleased with them. Hopefully he will be around again.


nicola said...

what a lovely bird

Jan said...

What a lovely looking little bird, it's like a cross between our Dunnock, Sparrow and Thrush!

The chickens must've been funny. Emma goes bananas at helicopters, and chases them barking furiously. Heaven knows what she will do if she catches one....;)

Oh and the weather forecast sites are like that here, the BBC one is normally the complete opposite to the Met Office one. How can that be when presumably they are both looking at the same satellite pics? Shame you haven't got the Spanish weather.