Friday, April 27, 2007

April 28th

I took so many pictures yesterday that the batteries went dead in the camera. My daughter was also using the camera, figuring stuff out for me. She took a short video clip just to see how it worked and it was perfect. Once the leaves come out on the trees and the flowers start blooming and birds around I will try my hand at it. Maybe post something on blog.

The Gull was back again, didn't come to feeder but sat on top of the telephone pole on the edge of the property for about two hours. I put a pile of food leftovers on the feeder and although he was quite interested he didn't come down. I think he is a little nervous. A second Gull flew overhead looking down at the food but again didn't land. I expect the crows will eat up all the food I've put out.

It was quite chilly in the morning but by afternoon we were able to sit on the deck in T-shirts. I was saying it's funny how quickly we forget the cold weather when we get a bit of sun and warmth.

One of my African Violets.
Gull on post.

Jay on feeder.

Garden cutie...AGAIN!


Lisa said...

He sure is a cutie - how far away from him are you?

Jan said...

Glad you included little Squiggle. I keep missing mine, he has his own feeder, and it is getting used nearly everyday, but he must sneak here when I'm not around.

oldcrow61 said...

Lisa, I was only about ten feet away from him.

lol Jan, I have no problem with this little squig. Not camera shy at all.

nicola said...

that squig is sure a cutie!! Nice photos oc

Lisa said...

I think I must be the only person on the planet you can't get squig pics.