Tuesday, June 12, 2007

June 12th. St. John's

A lovely weekend in the city, sunny with temperatures reaching 30 C. Couldn't have asked for better. I hardly know where to begin with the pictures so thought I'd start with Signal Hill. It's 500 feet high in the old part of the city and on top is Cabot Tower, where Marconi sent his first wireless message. There was talk of an iceberg off the shore, but there was lots of fog so couldn't see the berg. Lots of tourist with cameras hoping to get a shot of it.

Cabot Tower

Scenes from the top

The city

I had to make another attempt to see the iceberg so went up again the next morning and there it was. Two in fact. It's difficult to tell how big it is as there is nothing to compare it with. Too bad there wasn't a boat nearby. Believe me, it was big.

Tomorrow...some of the buildings.


Pete said...

looks lovely.

never seen an Iceberg!

Jan said...

Wow, lovely photos. Hard to imagine it being 30c and there being ice bergs!

nicola said...


Karen said...

Some lovely photos and the iceberg is amazing!