Monday, June 18, 2007

June 18th. Busy Bee, etc.

Friday was pretty scary, there was a forest fire just 3 klms from us. The first indication that something was amiss were fire trucks and police cars racing past the house. Then we saw a water bomber and helicopter. Finally word got around that there was a forest fire. I made sure I knew where all the cat carriers were, now, what to do about the chickens, well, have to shove them in the car as well I suppose. Not that it would come to this but if the wind changed direction we could be in serious trouble. After a while we heard it had jumped the road and they evacuated the community nearest the fire. After a few hours we got word that it was pretty well put out except for hot spots. Whew!!! I guess there were people keeping watch all night, we went down the next day and there were still hot spots but the hoses were still there and men keeping an eye on things. The weather has been so hot the woods are tinder dry. Snapped a few pictures of a small section of it by the road.

Very excited today, got my first Bee picture.


Jan said...

How scary, glad you are okay. It seems hard to believe that so recently you had snow, and now it's dried out so fast to enable fires. Not much chance of us getting any here for a while, everywhere is soaking wet, we've had so much rain now (and not just Wales this time!)

Janine said...

Is that a type of lobelia in the bee pic? Very sharp!
Thats so weird about the fire. I thought Florida weather was unpredictable. Glad everyone is ok.

oldcrow61 said...

Janine, that plant is Bugle.

Karen said...

How scary, I detest fire - even bonfires!
Super bee pics, they are difficult to get.

Pete said...

nice bee.

Snow? Fires? eek!

nicola said...

cool bee!!!