Wednesday, June 13, 2007

June 13th.

It's turned cold again here, only 6C this morning. Thankfully it's suppose to warm up again by the weekend. The perennials are growing like crazy, leaves are out on the trees, it's looking wonderful. Starting to get that magical look to the garden. Off to the greenhouses again yesterday, not much else to do really as it was cold and wet. Picked up some pepper, cucumber and squash plants. A friend reminded me that it was only six months til Christmas....argh!!!! Time is going too fast. I remember my grandmother often saying that the older you get the faster time flies....and she was right.

These are pictures of some of the old churches in St. John's. For you Pete, not half as good as the ones you take but never the less here they are:

Saint Patricks

The priests residence

The RC Cathedral

United Church

Entrance to the Anglican Cathedral, sorry, couldn't get far enough away to get a full picture.

Thought I'd pop this one in...The courthouse


Pete said...

nice photos OC

Karen said...

Time flies faster every year - that is so true. I feel my life is whizzing by, and with the loss of a dear friend at a young age 18 months ago, I am now doing things I have long wanted to - my art, photography and visiting some of the lovely places we have locally. I refuse to be put down or discouraged by others negativity any more. Your churches look so interesting - can you go inside them. Many churches in the UK are now kept locked unless there is a service.

oldcrow61 said...

I agree with you on "Time" and doing the things you always wanted to. Life is so short really. I don't know if you can go into the churches or not, I know one time the doors were always open.