Tuesday, June 26, 2007

June 26th, I think?

Yesterday morning I decided to take on the awesome task of taking down all the books, sorting them, cleaning them and washing down the shelves. I also decided to get rid of the "junk" books and bring them to the Goodwill store. I'm ashamed to say how long it's been since I did all of this, I kept putting it off until now the guilt had set in and I figured I'd better get at it. I have two walls in the living room that are floor to ceiling book shelves with all the books doubled up on said shelves. We got a pile of empty boxes from one of the stores and threw all but a couple in the guest room until I fill the first few. I threw open all the doors and windows as I knew the dust would be unbearable. Had to move some of the furniture and crap so the living room was up to my ears. I had been at the books for about three hours when I heard a voice outside....a friend who is doing a one man show in Trinity decided to drop by for overnight without informing us. lol, what a state I was in. The guest room you could hardly get into let alone the living room. Anyway, as the guest room has two beds in it, I threw all the boxes from the floor and one bed on to the other one so at least he could get in there and sleep. This morning I was at it all again and am pleased to say that I am two thirds of the way through it all. Hopefully I'll finish tomorrow.

I did manage to take a few pictures while on a break from the books.

Wild Iris.



Don't know what this is. Lots of them at the Lupins. Looks something like a small wasp to me??

I did chase a Butterfly around for awhile but no luck. When it did land, it fluttered off to something else when I came near.


Laurie said...

I thought I was going to see pics of the book shelves all clean and shiny. haha.
Great bee pics and yes that looks like a little wasp. There is a fly that disguises itself as a wasp and lives in flower gardens but who is going to test that theory huh?

Janine said...

Ok I tried to leave a comment earlier but my computer got sorta messed up. Just wanted to admire the photos. Interesting perspective on the iris.

Jan said...

Where's the squirrel got to lately? :D

oldcrow61 said...

Funny you should ask Jan, I took some pictures of a young one late yesterday afternoon. Will blog them if they turn out ok. To tell the truth, I was putting so many squirrel pictures on that I was feeling a little embarrassed.

nicola said...

OC go to petes house next and sort out his books!!!!

oldcrow61 said...

Ssssush, don't tell him I told you but he's going to do that within the week. lol

st said...

love the iris shot

oldcrow61 said...

Yeah st, I rather like it myself.